Opening into a park with century-old trees,
our restaurant offers a cuisine full of flavour,
inspired by the Vosges region.



It is often said that a cook’s cuisine reflects the personality of its creator. Cédric’s cuisine certainly reflects his personality: down to earth, rooted in the Vosges, but resolutely open to the world beyond. A subtle blend of various influences, which amazingly enriches the contents of the plate.

Many people inhabit Cedric’s culinary universe, where his emotions are in tune with the seasons. Inventive gourmet dishes, surprising, astonishing combinations, The result is a complex alchemy of flavours, based on quality local products.

His specialities? First of all foie gras, presented in different ways as the mood takes him, meadowsweet, rhubarb, quince or Griottines … Then, all types of fish from all types of waters. Cedric will convert anyone who says they don’t like it! Finally meat: veal, quail, chicken, lamb … served with house staples, prepared with patience, and the finest accompaniments.  You will enjoy this cuisine, his cuisine, in a peaceful setting that is extremely pleasing to the senses. An airy, pleasant room opening onto a lush ever-changing landscape, sometimes with thousands of autumn colours, sometimes with the ingenuous whiteness of snow, sometimes with the many shades of springtime green … The generous size of the room in no way detracts from its intimate atmosphere. Under the soft lights that subtly illuminate each table, you will forget the world around you and fully enjoy the moment, allowing yourself to be lulled by the crackling of the flames in the hearth like a warm glow in the infinity of time.

Just as a metronome marks the rhythm, Jennyfer sets the pace for the service, without your noticing the slightest ripple. Her movements are graceful and accompanied by a smile, a few words and all the discretion needed for the expression of your culinary pleasure. Not to mention her astute advice on the best possible harmony between creative, gourmet cuisine and the many beverages sleeping peacefully beneath the vault, waiting to be tasted.


For you, your family and friends